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Wood Inlay Box

Wood Inlay Box

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* We donate a portion of proceeds from sales of our Syrian boxes to the International Rescue Committee, an organization helping people whose lives have been upended by war, conflict and natural disasters.

A beautiful mosaic wooden box from Syria, featuring the ancient tradition of wood inlay. Beginning in Damascus, the technique has been perfected over hundreds of years. Artisans carefully cut and shape wood and shell pieces, then glue them into precisely cut cavities. The whole surface is then sanded smooth and sealed. All of this is done by hand, as it has been from the beginning, and is a painstaking process that produces an incredible work of craftsmanship.

Using walnut wood as the base of this keepsake box, the pattern is first drawn and transferred to the surface, then formed by inlaying small pieces of indigenous woods (olive, lemon, peach and rose wood), each with their own color and properties. This octagonal box features lemon wood at the center, with its lovely pale yellow color. Mother of pearl shell, particularly difficult to work with, is used to accent the design. This decorative hinged box makes a very special gift.

Approximately 5" Diam. x 2" H     (Items pictured in box not included with purchase)

Handcrafted item, variations in color and style will occur

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