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Reusable Hemp Cloth Wipes Set of 5 - Black

Reusable Hemp Cloth Wipes Set of 5 - Black

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Hemp plants create a very eco-friendly fabric! Hemp plants naturally crowd out weeds and require no pesticides, need little water or fertilizer, and actually return nutrients to the soil. It's a fast-growing crop, too. Similar to linen, hemp fabric is strong and durable.

These reusable cloth wipes are made of hemp, with organic cotton blended to add softness, making them a great reusable wipe to keep on hand to wipe just about anything! Keep them in your pocket, diaper bag, backpack or purse, and at home too. When they need cleaning, just toss them in the wash and reuse them for many years.

Cut down on your waste by replacing the disposable wipes and tissues you carry. These are handmade by Cheeks Ahoy, who carefully selects fabric that gets more absorbent after a few washes, but remains nice and soft, and is made to last - and completely biodegradable at the end of its useful life.

Set of 5; Each 8" x 8" hemp and organic cotton square is easy care, machine wash and dry, but don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets at that will decrease absorbency. Not pre-washed, so expect a little shrinkage.

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