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Block Printed Napkin - Rashmi Grey

Block Printed Napkin - Rashmi Grey

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Cloth napkins are eco-friendly! No need for disposables when cloth napkins will last for years and years and years. These hand-block printed cotton napkins are easy to care for and look beautiful in any setting.

Each napkin is printed by hand in India: the carved block is inked, then pressed onto the cotton. The skilled artisans must carefully position the block each time, creating continuous and intricate patterns. No two hand-printed napkins will be exactly the same, which is what makes this process so special.

Block carving has long been a traditional craft in India where artisans hand-carve blocks of wood with intricate designs to use in the beautiful art of hand block printing. Natural Habitat, a fair trade company, has formed longstanding partnerships with artisans who use traditional techniques to help keep the wonderful art of block printing alive, and allow craftspeople to continue their trade profitably. They use only eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes.

Sold individually - Napkins are each 20" x 20" - 100% Cotton, Hand or Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low or Line Dry.

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