Organic Tampons - Regular
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Organic Tampons - Regular

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Your body deserves toxin-free period protection! Tampon Tribe makes uniquely toxin-free, totally organic, and totally plastic-free tampons - no more plastic waste!

Who knows exactly what's in conventional tampons? Yet we allow them into our bodies without much question. These tampons are made of certified organic cotton and no chlorine bleach, no viscose or rayon, no perfume. The cardboard applicator and wrapper are completely biodegradable.

Most conventional tampons are made with rayon to increase absorbency, and while they work, rayon and the process of making rayon is controversial and of concern to many. These organic cotton tampons will not expand as much as those containing rayon, so you may find you need to change tampons more often. We think it's a worthwhile tradeoff for our bodies and the planet.

Pack of 16 Regular tampons; Plastic-free packaging.

Along with being passionate about eco-friendly period products, Tampon Tribe also supports homeless women in Los Angeles and gives to education programs for underserved girls.

We use non-gendered language in relation to period products because not everyone who menstruates is a woman.


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