Reusable Pantyliner - 3 Pack, Assorted Patterns
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Reusable Pantyliner - 3 Pack, Assorted Patterns

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Cut your waste! Use this 3 pack of eco-friendly reusable pantyliners instead of disposables, and help the environment while saving money! These pantyliners are made from comfortable cotton, are easy to use and easy to wash before the next use. And they'll last for years!

Assorted patterns - each one is different but you'll get a fun assortment!

Hand wash or machine wash cold using a natural detergent, and tumble dry low or line dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener as these can inhibit the absorbency of your cloth pads.

GladRags has been making reusable menstrual products since 1993 by women who are passionate about sustainability, inclusivity, curiosity and positivity.

We use non-gendered language in relation to period products because not everyone who menstruates is a woman.

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