Collection: Laundry

Why don't we sell laundry sheets or pods? Even though they're convenient, the binding agent, polyvinyl alcohol or PVA or PVOH, is a petroleum-derived synthetic polymer. It is essentially a soluble plastic that seems to partially biodegrade, but mostly just passes through our wastewater treatment systems as dissolved plastic. It is showing up in breastmilk and fish, so we know it's here and in our bodies, we just don't know what the long-term effects will be.

Every year thousands of tons of dissolved plastic enters our water, sewage sludge, and soil as a result of these sheets and pods. And buying sheets and pods supports the fossil-fuel and plastic industries, enabling them to continue to pollute.

Here is some info from Made

Please consider using non-toxic powder, liquid detergent, or compressed tablets without PVA.

In store, we have closed-loop refill options for both powder and concentrated liquid so there's no plastic waste, as well as plastic-free compressed tablets - come try some!