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Period Underwear - Boxer

Period Underwear - Boxer

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From The Period Company, makers of affordable, super absorbent period underwear.

Heavy absorbency: designed for heavy days, mid-days, and most importantly, for everybody. 

Color: Black. Absorbs up to 9 tampons or 5 pads of flow. 

From The Period Company: I’m a classic boxer shape designed to absorb period flow. But here’s the real headline: I’m for people who period, because not just women period. While I look and feel very un-periody, I have a four-layer towel system that can handle your period flow for hours and, with a wicking layer, can super absorb, so that you never experience any wetness. Made of organic cotton, I’m a little softer and cozier than a regular boxer, but that’s a nice feeling on your period. 

When to wear: on heavy days, mid-days, and if you prefer a boxer period. 

Size chart: See photo

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