Center Goods Info

Hi Friend!

At Center Goods you can find eco-friendly, plastic free, sustainable goods like bamboo toothbrushes, deodorant cream in glass jars, toothpaste tablets in a compostable wrapper, reusable straws, compostable bags, beeswax candles, and a lot more!

You can also use our refill station: bring in any container (or purchase one from us) to refill your hand soap, shampoo, lotion, laundry detergent, and more with our natural, non-toxic home and personal care products.

You just weigh the container first, then refill as little or as much as you want. Refills are a great way to cut your waste, especially your plastic waste!

We only carry non-toxic, natural products made by ethical companies. We care very much who is making it, how they are making it, and why they are making it.

We strive to be a local resource to help reduce waste, and a place where we can support each other as we work together as a community to reduce our waste, raise awareness, and create political will to ensure legislators fight for our environment.