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8" Atlas Copper and Brass Pepper Mill

8" Atlas Copper and Brass Pepper Mill

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These excellent copper and brass pepper mills were originally designed in 1977 by 2 mechanical engineers in Greece, based on a design that dated back hundreds of years.

The pepper mills continue to be handmade in Thessaloniki, Greece using high quality, all metal components for durability, and utilize a 3D cut system that actually grinds - not crushes - the peppercorns, releasing maximum flavor.

The internal grind process is done in 3 steps:
1st: Grabs and cracks each peppercorn and breaks it in half
2nd: Cuts them into smaller pieces
3rd: Sends them to the small teeth and grinds them to the selected coarseness

The tightening screw at the bottom of the pepper mill allows you to adjust the mechanism between fine and coarse grinding to suit your taste.

These high quality pepper mills can be polished to maintain the shine, or you can let the copper and brass develop a patina over time. I have had one for years and I love the slightly dark, mottled look of the aged brass. I love these pepper mills!

8.3" H x 1.8-1.6" Body Diameter


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