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Bamboo Toothbrush - Kids

Bamboo Toothbrush - Kids

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Don't be fooled by other bamboo toothbrushes, only Brush with Bamboo makes 100% plant-based bristles made from castor oil! Most other bamboo toothbrushes use nylon at least in part, which is a petroleum product that is not biodegradable. And some are, sadly, dishonest about it.

The only other bristle, at this point, that is biodegradable is boar bristle - which we oppose for ethical reasons. Brush with Bamboo, in our opinion, is the very best bamboo toothbrush out there!

And they're a great company! They were the first company to make bamboo toothbrushes to tackle the problem of plastic pollution before most people were talking about it, and they continue to be a leader. They are an ethical and sustainable company at every stage of production. 

In the US there are regulations around calling products biodegradable or compostable that have to do with how long it takes for something to break down. Brush with Bamboo is transparent in saying their brushes will eventually return to the soil, but they cannot guarantee it will break down at the rate the regulations require. So their brushes and bristles will break down, it just may take a while.

All toothbrushes are made with metal staples to hold the bristles in place. Because of this, just pull the bristles out with pliers before composting the handle.

The soft bristles are made in Germany from 100% castor bean oil. And the handles are made from organic Moso bamboo, grown in China. Moso bamboo is not a species eaten by pandas, so does not take food sources from them. It also only takes 2 years for a stalk to grow to full size (50-75 feet), so is a good renewable resource.

Brush with Bamboo also uses third party certification, which many other companies avoid. They are: USDA certified biobased, Green American certified, and certified BPA-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Non-toxic.

Make the switch away from plastic! These last just as long as plastic toothbrushes, just don't let it sit in water. Plant-based, plastic-free packaging too!

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