Block Printed Napkin - Blue and White

Block Printed Napkin - Blue and White

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Cloth napkins are eco-friendly! No need for disposables when cloth napkins will last for years and years and years. These hand-block printed cotton napkins in crisp blue and white look right at home in any setting. Each napkin is printed by hand in India: the carved block is inked, then pressed onto the cotton. The skilled artisans must carefully position the block each time, creating continuous and intricate patterns. No two hand-printed napkins will be exactly the same, which is what makes this process so special.

Block carving has long been a traditional craft in Sanganer, India where artisans hand-carve blocks of wood with intricate designs to use in the beautiful art of hand block printing. Living Imprints, a fair trade company, has formed longstanding partnerships with artisans in Sanganer to help keep the wonderful art of block printing alive. They use only eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes.

Sold individually - Napkins are each 18" x 18" - 100% Cotton, Hand or Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low or Line Dry

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