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Conditioner Bar - Dip, Tangerine + Honeydew

Conditioner Bar - Dip, Tangerine + Honeydew

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Dip conditioner bars aren't formulated for eco friendly people, they're formulated for HAIR PEOPLE who want to ditch plastic, but not their beautiful locks. It leaves your hair soft, shiny, and less damaged. With no plastic!

One bar can replace 6+ bottles of pricey salon conditioner, and for some customers can last a full YEAR depending on how often you shower. One bar alone can save you $200+ or more if your guilty pleasure is luxe salon hair products (like Dip's founder)!  For many curly haired customers, the Dip conditioner bar can also replace leave-in conditioners & expensive hair masks & treatments, reducing your plastic footprint even further.

Detangles! No more forcing a comb through your hair post swim, surf or shower. Dip solid conditioner bars help moisturize and nourish from scalp to roots to end, leaving your hair silky smooth and tangle free without weighing it down.

The Dip conditioner bar is great as a leave in and for air-drying your hair, but if you're a daily heat-styler, there's a heat protectant also built in. Dip's formula uses the same plant based ingredient that makes Pureology, Oribe, and Kerastase so effective. Every use leaves your hair looking and feeling healthy by filling in damaged areas, fortifying hair from the inside out. You’re left with silky-smooth, vibrantly shiny, deeply moisturized hair.

Tested and effective on all hair types, textures and dramas. Safe for color treated and chemical treated hair, limp hair, tight curls, dry hair, tangles, grizzly facial hair, split ends; thick & thin, long & short, curly & straight!

To use swipe very wet bar down very wet hair, store dry out of water to prolong the life of the bar.

Which bar is which? Shampoo=Square; Conditioner=Circle

Made in the USA! Choose: 3 oz full size bar or .75 oz mini dip.

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