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Period Underwear - Heavy, Bikini Black

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From The Period Company, makers of affordable, super absorbent period underwear.

Super absorbent. Built for heavy days. 

Absorbs 9 tampons worth of flow or five pads. 

From The Period Company: Hi! I’m super-super-super absorbent and designed to handle the heaviest days of a period. I’m made of soft, comfy organic cotton and have a four-layer padded towel absorbency that holds your flow. I have a wicking layer on top, so I can absorb the blood super fast with no wetness. You will feel padding, but frankly, on those heavy days, feeling secure, safe, and leak proof is a pretty great feeling, alongside being so comfy and cozy. Warning: after you use me once, you will look at tampons and disposable pads and pretend you don’t know them. Be cold. They deserve it. 

When to wear: on your heaviest days. Also great for postpartum and perimenopause.

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