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Enamelware Plate - Blue

Enamelware Plate - Blue

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Enamelware is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, especially when it comes to outdoor dining or kid-friendly tableware.

With its rustic, nostalgic feel, we love enamelware! We use it all summer long for eating on the patio.

Porcelain enamel, essentially powdered glass, is bonded to a steel base through high heat. The result is that enamelware is lightweight, easy to clean, non-toxic and non-breakable - far better for the environment, and for you, than plastic or melamine. And lightweight enough to take on picnics, camping, or to the beach so you can avoid disposables, and cut waste.

A family business in Mexico makes this enamelware, and they sell a lot of it! More and more people are appreciating the eco-benefits of enamelware. 

9" Diameter; Do not put in microwave - but it is oven and dishwasher safe. 

Sharp utensils can scratch enamelware, but it remains safe to use.

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