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Essential Oil - Pine

Essential Oil - Pine

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Pine essential oil has long been used in saunas to revive tired muscles and clear breathing, it's pure, bright scent also brings to mind being in the woods and connecting to nature. This pine essential oil is steam-distilled from the needles of the Hungarian Pinus sylvestris, sourced in Hungary. 

15 ml; Diffuse or apply in 2-15% dilution; Do not apply directly to skin.

Essential oil has many wonderful uses, especially in conjunction with natural cleaning and laundry products, to add scents that you like, without artificial perfumes.

Try adding 2-3 drops of essential oil to wool dryer balls to give a natural scent boost to your laundry, or adding 1-2 drops to unscented cleaning spray.

It's important to buy your essential oils from trusted sources! Nature's Fusions believes in third party testing to ensure their values of quality and integrity are upheld. They work only with suppliers who use sustainable farming, harvesting, and steam distillation. In the unregulated world of essential oils it's important to know who is making your oils.

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