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Print Linen Apron - Blossom

Print Linen Apron - Blossom

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These excellent aprons are made by a family business in Lithuania, striving to bring modern appeal to their traditional process. The dense weave, drape, and heavy-weight linen of these aprons is gorgeous. It's a little smaller than our Linen Aprons, ties in the back, and also features 2 generous pockets (neck strap is not adjustable on this style).

We love linen! Did you know that linen is more eco-friendly than cotton? It's made from the flax plant which requires less water and chemicals, and the entire plant can be used in making linen. The end result is a durable, soft, absorbent fabric that adds elegance to any setting. The wrinkling is part of the charm, don't fight it - it's such a beautiful fabric.

Linen is too beautiful a fabric to only be brought out for special occasions. Enjoy it every day! It's an excellent biodegradable fabric for kitchen and dining use that will get softer over time, and last many, many years with proper care.

It's more expensive because flax can only grow in temperate areas, and it is a laborious process to produce and weave linen. Like any product, it's important to know where your linen comes from to ensure that workers are treated and paid fairly.  

Apron is approximately 31" L x 22" W, and prewashed for softness. 100% European linen, OEKO-TEX certified fabric (no harmful chemicals used in production). Easy care: Machine wash and dry on low. Ironing not recommended, but if you must please iron on low when fabric is still damp.

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