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Period Underwear - Junior Bikini, Grey

Period Underwear - Junior Bikini, Grey

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From The Period Company, makers of affordable, super absorbent period underwear.

Heavy absorbency: designed for heavy days and first periods that are finding their rhythm. 

Absorbs up to 9 tampons of flow and 5 pads. 

From The Period Company: Hi! I’m designed for people who are new to the world of periods and let me just say welcome! I’m in a classic underwear shape, so I feel and look just like regular underwear but I have a four-layer towel system, which means I can absorb your period. When you first start, your period can take a while to regularize - so I’m great for whatever flow you’re going through. It’s really important when you start wearing me, to figure out your flow threshold i.e. how many hours you can flow for in me because everybody periods differently. Oh, and I did I mention how soft I am? 

When to wear: any day of a junior period. 

Size chart: See photo

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