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Reusable Fabric Gift Bag - Linen

Reusable Fabric Gift Bag - Linen

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Environmental researchers estimate that approximately 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper is produced in the United States each year, most of it is thrown away soon after production, and about half of it ends up in landfills. Why?!

Let's stop buying wrapping paper and cut that waste! There are lots of ways to wrap gifts, and reusable fabric gift bags make it easy. They look great, and you'll get years and years out of a single bag!

Measuring 12" x 14", these linen bags feature a drawstring closure. Add a ribbon, or dress it up if you'd like, or just keep it simple.

Please note: Although pretty tightly woven, these bags are not completely opaque, and bold lettering, etc. might show through.

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