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Shampoo Bar - Dip, Tangerine + Honeydew

Shampoo Bar - Dip, Tangerine + Honeydew

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Dip shampoo bars were obsessively formulated to ensure you’d never return to the bottle.

You already show up for the environment, but you can literally show up every day looking your best. Dip gives those high-end shampoos a run for their money. These salon-grade shampoo bars give you the same luxurious lather, all in a condensed, pretty little package. 

Great for all hair textures. Whether you’re type 1A or 4C, this bar is for you! Especially formulated and tested for all hair textures, colored hair, and compromised hair. The LESS you press, the MORE luxurious the lather; resulting in less fear of breakage, less waste, & a much longer lasting bar.   

Dip was formulated to give you a nourishing lather without ever leaving that over-washed feeling. Great for people who train every day, but shower skippers, it's great for you too! This bar is pH balanced and delivers vital hair & scalp nourishing nutrients to take care of your hair from root to ends while still removing oil buildup and old styling product.

Tried other shampoo bars but felt disappointed? Give Dip a try. Results as good as bottled shampoo! Plastic-free is just a bonus.

Formulated to be a salon grade shampoo bar that lathers, a shampoo bar that focuses on the scalp just as much as hair, a shampoo bar that smells amazing.

Before first use, prime the bar by lathering in your hands and sudsing it up! (not necessary after shower #1)

To use: Wet your hair then wet your solid shampoo bar. Gently rub the bar directly on the scalp and use your hands to lather as you would liquid shampoo. A common mistake is applying a lot of pressure on the bar, it just needs to gently graze the hair to work! rinse out, and follow up with the Dip Conditioner Bar.

To preserve the life of your bar: Store it dry, out of water.

Which bar is which? Shampoo=Square; Conditioner=Circle

Made in the USA! Choose: Full size 4 oz bar or Mini Dip .75 oz.

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