Silicone Straw With Travel Case
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Silicone Straw With Travel Case

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A very portable reusable straw! This full sized silicone straw comes in an aluminum travel case that fits in your pocket, backpack, purse or bag. Made of 100% European-grade silicone, it's BPA, BPS, phthalate, PVC, and lead free. Can be put in the dishwasher or boiled to clean. Each straw is 8 inches long, with an opening of 0.5 cm. 

Is silicone better than plastic?? The short answer: YES. Think of it as a better plastic. It's not perfect, but it has benefits over most plastic that make it a reasonable choice for some items.

1). Lasts longer - silicone has a high resistance to temperature changes (can be boiled, baked, frozen) with no degradation so you can use each item much longer, and reduce your waste. 

2). Safer - silicone doesn't react to foods or temperatures, so most studies show it doesn't leach into foods and our bodies.

3). Can be incinerated - when silicone is burned, it doesn't release toxic fumes like plastic.

4). Not biodegradable - which is bad, BUT it also means it doesn't break down into particles that harm ocean life. In that sense, it's much better than plastic.

5). Hygienic - silicone can be sterilized easily, over and over with no degradation.

Silicone is essentially a polymer made of silicon, which is derived from silica (sand, a non-renewable resource) that is heated and processed, unfortunately, with fossil-fuel derived chemicals. It really should be considered a better plastic.

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