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Soy Candle - Judgement

Soy Candle - Judgement

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This soy candle, handmade in Massachusetts, is easy to love. Vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and phthalate-free in a recyclable/reusable jar.

From Soy Much Brighter's Tarot Series, Judgement features: Cedarwood, Spruce, and Red Cedar.

The Tarot series is the collaboration of Heidi Phelps and Soy Much Brighter. The blends are on the softer side, meant to ease a subtle aroma into your space, as you pull your cards. Use each scent to enhance, restore, and reflect.

About Judgement: "The Judgement card in the original Rider-Waite-Coleman-Smith tarot deck depicts what one would imagine the last judgment would be, in the various forms that takes in many mythologies. It shows women, men, and children who are rising from the grave to respond to Gabriel’s trumpet call. My interpretation of this card is more about self-reflection and self-judgement. When you take a good look at yourself, your actions, and how you interact with others, do you like what you see? What legacy will you leave behind?"

Cedar wood: confidence, self esteem, relaxation Spruce: inspiration, intuition, invigorating Red Cedar: stress reducing, relaxation

12oz Soy wax, cotton wick; 60+ hour burn time.

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