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Soy Candle - The Empress

Soy Candle - The Empress

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This soy candle, handmade in Massachusetts, is easy to love. Vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and phthalate-free in a recyclable/reusable jar.

From Soy Much Brighter's Tarot Series, The Empress features Gardenia, Tuberose, Rose and Patchouli.

The Tarot series is the collaboration of Heidi Phelps and Soy Much Brighter. The blends are on the softer side, meant to ease a subtle aroma into your space, as you pull your cards. Use each scent to enhance, restore, and reflect.

About The Empress: "The Empress is the Mother Earth figure of the tarot deck and represents fertility. She often heralds a birth or pregnancy, but can also represent the birth of a new idea, project, or creative period in your life. When you encounter the Empress, know that you’re walking on fertile ground where new life is about to grow. She encourages you to embrace it, cultivate it, nurture it, and fully experience it with all of your senses."

Rose: aphrodesiac, antidepressant Patchouli: promotes better sleep, grounding, balance Gardenia: mood booster, aphrodisiac

12oz Soy wax, cotton wick; 60+ hour burn time.

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