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Zero Waste Lip Balm - Raspberry Rose

Zero Waste Lip Balm - Raspberry Rose

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From Bee Balm Co., locally made in Woburn, MA!

"Bee Balm was born out of founder Sam’s experiences scuba diving in a plastic-filled ocean and by her frustration at the lack of accessible plastic-free alternatives on the market. The mission is fueled by Sam’s farming experience, which cultivated her love of pollinators and gave her a first-hand perspective on the effects of climate change on pollinators and, by extension, food security. Bee Balm products are a plastic-free, natural lip product line for the conscious consumer. Balms are made using Massachusetts beeswax, fragrant essential oils, and hand-poured into 100% compostable tubes (including the label!). Each year, Bee Balm donates 5% of net profits to organizations helping to restore pollinator populations."

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